Helping Heal Hearts was founded by Marilyn Ocasio.  Marilyn was born and raised in New York and is a proud mother of three wonderful children. She always had a yearning desire to help people since she was a child.  Her love for humanity along with her gift of intuition has given her the ability to help and guide many people in different areas of their lives.

Marilyn is the founder of the M.O.E. Womens Support ‘Group in New York City and New Jersey. Marilyn was pleasantly surprised in 1996 when WBMA television contacted her to interview her acknowledging her volunteer services that she rendered in her community honoring her with a resolution from the mayor.

Marilyn’s love for children lead her to be a member of the Everybody Wins Foundation and the Junior Achievements program where she volunteered her services in schools of New York City helping and mentoring children  with their academic and social skills.

She has been life coaching intuitively and instinctively throughout her life and then went on to study with The Coach Training Institute in New York City in 2004 and has been life coaching ever since. Marilyn has researched and studied various life transformational methods for over ten years.  She has found a combination of various methods that lead to accomplishing your goals, achieving success, and living a fulfilling, purposeful peaceful life. She received her Reiki Master Certification with the Reiki School of Natural Healing in Clifton, New Jersey and is a member of International Association of Reiki Professionals.  She is also a student of  Tai-Chi, Natural Healing, The Landmark Education Forum, A Course in Miracles, and many other healing modalities.

Amongst her many inspiring and motivating life experiences is the one of doing the firewalk in the Anthony Robbins “Live With Passion”  seminar in Los Angeles, California. This made her realize that we can accomplish anything  that may even seem impossible, as long as we set our minds to it and keep the momentum.

Marilyn was on a crossroad in her life, discovered Reiki and found that it relieved stress, helped eliminate emotional and physical pain, promoted clarity and relaxation.  Reiki, along with spiritual guidance was able to help Marilyn achieve balance in her life as a working mother in the corporate world and transition to live her passion, and  do what she loves best, which is sharing her experiences of life, peace and happiness with others.

Together, we are Helping Heal Hearts and helping one another achieve our dreams, find life’s purpose and live a life of love, peace and happiness.

” Happiness is a choice that comes from within”

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