“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty” – Christian Science Hymnal
It’s quite a challenge to be grateful for something that you’re lacking.  So, if you want to attract more money, the key is to not complain about the money that you don’t have and be grateful for the money you do have  now (whatever that amount may be)  and and everything that has been given to you as a child.
Do you remember when you were a child and everything was given to you? You didn’t have to pay for rent, electricity, food or clothes.  All of these things cost money and they were given to us.Think back to when you were a child, before you had money. Say Thank You with all your heart for every moment that you recall when money was paid for you.
Hopefully, you’ve already written your ten blessings for today, and why you’re grateful.(reading what you wrote and at the end saying thank you, thank you, thank you for each blessing)
Now what you’re going to do next is take a dollar bill, write on a sticker:
 Place this sticker on the dollar bill and read these words, as you’re feeling TRULY grateful for the money that has been given to you. Do this at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Really, really feel it.  Don’t think about any bad situation you may be in but instead focus on being grateful what you have and see what happens.
Another thing you want to remember to do is to take the magic rock before you go to bed and say thank you for the best thing that happened to you today.
And what I’m going to ask of you is this – When you start to have these “magical experiences” share them with us! Post it on our blog.  You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to identify yourself.  Create a “magical name”. How’s that?
It seems like alot, but if we take the time to do these things and REPROGRAM how we THINK and how we FEEL it is SO worth it.  First of all, you will feel a difference. You will experience more joy and have more peace.  Find that quiet moment to get in touch with your higher self and find that little secret place that’s hidden right inside of you.  That’s where it all is.. the peace, joy, happiness and all the answers that we’re looking for… they are right inside of us.  If only we just learn how to be still, stop the autopilot that we mostly live on and be grateful for each day that is magically given to us.
                                                                   Create a magical day!

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