Grateful for my reader’s comments!!

I am so grateful when I receive comments from readers all over the world thanking me for my posts. Please continue to leave your comments for me and let me know where you are from!  There is no greater reward for me than to know that somebody somewhere in the world has been touched in some way by something that they read from my blog.  You see, it is my spirit that moves me to write, to speak the monthly radio show with Steven Duncanson and Aurelia Lyles (The Cocoa Express, Paradigm Shifters, Principles for Life and Success –   and now to share and inspire on my new Spanish Cable television show that is starting this month of March.  I have taken a step of faith, listening to my inner voice, living each day with gratitude and love.  Since I’ve done this, what I have visualized and dreamed about is now unfolding slowly.  I am living my purpose because I listened to my inner voice, not worrying about others would think or say.  When there is a deep calling that you feel in your heart and it doesn’t go away, that is God, that is your spirit telling you that this is what you are meant to do.  I know that I am meant to share, to inspire and to let others know that life can be beautiful when you live in a space of love and gratitude…  Blessings to you.. Create a wonderful day! Create a wonderful life!  We are made to live a great life and enjoy every single day.


  1. Catherine R. says:

    Believing that all things happen for a reason and that some people show up into our lives with a purpose. I met Marilyn several months ago, we were coworkers. I always noticed there was something calming and pleasant every time we engaged in a conversation on a random day. Life with it’s ups and downs plus living in NYC without my family got me on an emotional downhill. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t satisfied or proud of myself in a professional or personal matter, I had let opportunities fly by and regretted doors that I had closed to myself for some reason. I felt alone, lost and sad… No idea how to start with a plan and feel better. I missed that challenging, goal setter self. Until one day at work, I just couldn’t fake it anymore. Acting like everything is fine can’t last forever and that’s where Marilyn really came into my life. Our first session, an hour and a half of conversation with her, where I was finally able to release everything that is bothering me and making me so unhappy. It was such a relief and so comforting to let her open my eyes and realize I have the power to change everything, that I am able to switch the negative for gratitude and create the life that I want. We went over many other powerful tools so I could be able to start that positive change; she also did a Reiki session at the end. I immediately felt better but it wasn’t until the next day that I started practicing what she taught me and it really works. I made the decision to attract what I want and even started renovating my Vision Board – something that I only did once a year. In a matter of 2 weeks I started seeing the amazing results, besides of feeling better with myself, one of my friends out of nowhere introduced me to a job opportunity that I have been waiting for a long time! I feel better with myself, more confident and stronger. Thank you for reminding me that the best is yet to come. Looking forward for our next session and all the great things that are coming into my like. Thank you Marilyn!

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