Living Each Day to the Fullest

When I wake up each morning, I like to begin each day by being grateful for another day of life and for all the miracles and blessings that surround me each and every day.  The miracles that we so many times take for granted such as the air that we breathe, the sun that is shining upon us and the water that we drink.  I have found that if I do not take the time to write my gratitude list first thing in the morning, my day will not flow as easily as the times that I do.  When the gratitude is flowing within me, as I write my list of all that I am grateful for, I can feel a shift in my body.  That is the shift that is aligning my inner being, my higher self with the Universe.  As I am aligned with the Universe, my day flows with ease, and as my day flows with ease I know that I am connected with my higher self and this is where I find the peace that comes from within.



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