You deserve to live life, find inner peace and relax. Helping Heal Hearts is the place for relaxation and renewing the mind, body and soul.



Listen to your inner voice and just allow your spirit and your soul to embrace all that comes your way. That’s what your “inner strength” is.  We all have it and you can find it by not going against the change you are experiencing, although it may be the cause of any pain you feel right now.  Embrace it, accept it, go with it. It does not make sense to you right now, but when you get through it you realize how strong you really are. Change causes us to stretch and grow, it causes us to use our faith and tap into the potential on the inside of us.


Are you suffering from the pain of an ending relationship?  Nothing can match the pain one feels when a relationship ends. Next to the death of a loved one, it is the most difficult emotional experience most people will ever go through.  Learn how to live through the end of a relationship and how that ending can be transformed into an opportunity for personal growth, healing and even joy.


We’d like to think that time heals all wounds, the fact is time doesn’t heal – time passes.  Insight heals. We can’t get better until we accept and understand what happened.


Once you completed the healing process you finally find this inner peace that you may not even know existed. We go through pain and we suffer wondering why life has these turmoils and why we’re going through what we’re experiencing. It doesn’t seem fair, it doesn’t make sense.  We must live with love, loving all, not judging others and just accepting them for who they are.  Living in righteousness, aligning our thoughts, actions and feelings allow us to create the life that we want and experience the “inner peace” like never before.


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