About Reiki    (Rei – Universal, Ki – Life Energy)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese system for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is administered by the laying of the hands while the client is fully clothed on the reiki/massage table. The energy is drawn by intention in through the Reiki practitioner and out to the recipient. Some benefits of Reiki are increased energy, mental clarity, improved sleep, alleviated pain, improved circulation, proficient digestion, ideal weight maintained, released tension and enhanced relaxation.                                                       

A soothing peaceful hour session of reiki will promote relaxation and will help reduce stress.

 Possible benefits of Reiki:

 Increased energy

Alleviated pain
Mental clarity
Quicker healing
Improved sleep
Ideal weight maintained
Emotional balance

Reiki  Meiji  Principles

Just for today I will…

1. Let go of anger     (and anything that does not serve my highest good)

2. Have faith & trust    (surrender to divine plan)
3. Express gratitude for everything    (even my blessings in disguise)
4. Do my work honestly and diligently   (put my heart into everything I do)
5. Be kind to all living things, including myself (practice golden & platinum


Every one of us has seeds of greatness inside. Many times we simply need someone else to stir them up by sharing an encouraging word.  For many of us, we would not be where we are today if someone had not cheered us on and believed in us.  Our coaching sessions will encourage you to achieve your goals by following our step by step exercises, guidelines and programs.  Life coaching has grown at a frantic pace and become especially popular during the past five years.  People from all walks of life are turning to life coaches to help them deal with chaotic changes in the world today.  Life coaching will help deal with change, redefine goals, stay motivated to reach goals in areas of jobs, family, health, career path, self-esteem and personal growth.  Life coaching will  help you look forward, instead of dwelling on problems of the past. Find the answers within, reach your goals, find your purpose.


Reiki / Coaching Sessions
45 minutes ……..   65.

60 minutes ……..   75.

90 minutes……… 110.

(60 min Reiki / 30 min coaching)


Believe in yourself, renew yourself, empower yourself!

It’s a fun way of inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Discover how you can get rid of those negative thoughts and replace them with empowering thoughts!





Discussions on coping with pain of loss, separation, divorce and how to live through the ending of a relationship.The emotional and conscious process of parting and finding resolution.

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