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Treatments that help reduce anxiety and manage stress:

Brain Health



Functional Medicine Life and Wellness Coaching

Personal Development Coaching for TEENS

Marilyn Ocasio Forward

Marilyn left the corporate world to begin Helping Heal Hearts. As Founder of Helping Heal Hearts, she utilizes different modalities that are transformational methods which lead to living a fulfilling and purposeful life. She is a Reiki teacher and Functional Medicine Health Coach specializing in Brain Heath and Personal Development. Her certifications include: Clinical certification for Stress, Anxiety and  Self-Regulation with HeartMath, Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professional, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Marilyn has helped people of all ages to have tremendous breakthroughs in emotional balance, true self-discovery and healing.  Her client's success story was featured on WPIX 11/Rebound News.  Overwhelmed with the ‘new normal,’ some are turning to reiki | PIX11

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"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"




Reiki is a peaceful way to health and relaxation. Reiki energy allows muscles to relax and increases blood flow to treated areas, which in turn quickens the healing process.  Reiki helps with stress, headaches, insomnia, upset stomach and more.  It promotes psychological healing including release of anger, fear, worry, sadness and other unhealthy feelings and replaces them with self-worth, confidence and tranquility.

Overwhelmed with the 'new normal,' some are turning to reiki (

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health Coaching provides a unique combination of wellness expertise, nurturing support, goal setting and accountability to help you make and sustain real lifestyle changes. You will be guided to optimum wellness using Functional Mind Body Medicine and Positive Psychology Coaching embracing and enhancing your higher self to achieve optimal functioning.   


HeartMath is based on over 26 years of research and is recommended by thousands of health professionals used by hospitals, schools and corporations. It is an innovative approach that teaches how to change your heart rhythm pattern and shift into a state of balance,  renewing feelings and improving emotional well-being. This stress relief system helps you learn how to transform stress and anxiety into free energy for personal and professional effectiveness while improving health and well-being. 

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Marilyn is changing my life and I can't put into words how grateful I am. After three sessions, I honestly believe for the first time in years I might be a chef again. I never thought my fibromyalgia would be manageable again, but I have faith that her sessions put me in better shapeett physically and mentally than I have been in a very long time.  I recommend her for anyone that has fibromyalgia, or any autoimmune or pain disorder,who wants relief that doesn't rely on medication. It's incredible and I can't believe how much better I am feeling!

Angela Marie

I just want to share how amazing my experience has been thus far. I'm only three sessions in and I feel a complete shift! My energy is better, I'm motivated, excited for life.  It's like Marilyn is able to reprogram us with her amazing gift. If you are feeling as though you would like to be refreshed and reset, balance and enjoy life as you are meant to, definitely visit Helping Heal Hearts! 

Leslea Clark

On an emotional downhill, I wasn't happy, satisfied or proud of myself in a professional or personal matter. I had let opportunities fly by and regretted doors that I had closed to myself for some reason. I felt alone, lost and sad. After one session with Marilyn, I was able to release everything that was bothering me. After two weeks I started practicing everything she taught me and it really works!  I started seeing amazing results, feeling better about myself and found the opportunity I have been waiting for a long time! I feel better about myself, more confident and stronger. Thank for remind me that the best is yet to come. Thank you Marilyn!  

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